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I indeed feel blessed and fortunate to have been born to parents who nurtured and helped me grow within a loving household in the quaint little Acadian village of St-Joseph-Du-Moine on Cape Breton Island. My mother was a hard worker, a great cook, and enjoyed a joke or two, but most of all, she had a passion for music. Every day, she played the piano to her heart’s content, and my siblings and I loved every moment. My father was a hard-working individual, comical in his own way, and loved to tell us stories.


The more we laughed, the more he embellished his tales. As I grew older, I thought of recording my father’s funny and sometimes sad anecdotes, but busy with a growing family, I kept putting it off. When our children were grown and our nest empty and I retired from teaching, I woke up one morning with a powerful desire to put pen to paper. That’s when my first novel, Laura’s Story, was born.


After I self-published my first novel, Laura’s Story, which was inspired by my step-grandmother, I had no intention of writing another book. However, unfinished business from Laura’s Story prompted me to write a sequel, which became my second novel, To Fly Again.


Now, once more to my utter surprise, I am writing a third novel. On a cold January night, the storyline miraculously appeared in my mind, so much so that I couldn’t write fast enough to catch everything that transpired. It felt like an invisible force over which I had no control and ultimately was compelled to follow. Not only am I honoured and humbled by it, but I am sometimes puzzled. Then, at other times, the voice is still, and ironically, I am relieved so I can continue with what we call … life.


In addition to my love of writing, I enjoy walking, playing and listening to music, practising Tai Chi, and most importantly spending time with our children and grandchildren. I live with my husband and family in Chéticamp on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

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Julie Larade

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