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Laura's Story is about the life, struggles, and triumphs of an Acadian woman born in Chéticamp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1920. When she is widowed, penniless and alone with three small children, she takes a job at a convent in Montreal, Quebec. She returns with a beleaguered body and spirit but with a firmer resolve than ever to keep her family together. When she develops tuberculosis, she is taken away again, this time for two and a half years to the sanitarium in Kentville, Nova Scotia. While Laura struggles to hold on to her boys and find her place in the world, the family members’ stories develop, weave and unfold. Over the years of their lives, we see courage and perseverance firsthand, and we are moved by the true meaning of family and love.

To Fly Again

To Fly Again novel by Julie Larade Author.png

Recently divorced Caroline is adrift in her life and looking to forge a new path as a devoted mother and woman. Along her journey, she meets Ruthie, an eccentric elderly lady who mysteriously and discreetly teaches her the value of life and love. By coincidence, Caroline also meets François, a young man her age, whom she grows to love but who also suffers from loss. With the support of her family and her determination to succeed, she struggles to break through her own fears and find her place in the world.

 The Lazarus Series 


In my Lazarus the Detective series, Lazarus visits his grandparents on Cape Breton Island. On his first visit, he is met by his grandma who gives him a gift. In each of the books, Lazarus uses this special gift to solve problems that always result in humorous situations. With his willingness to learn, his determination, and his drive to succeed, this little boy always saves the day.

La série de Lazare


Dans ma série Lazare le détective, Lazare visite ses grands-parents au Cap-Breton en Nouvelle-Écosse.  Dès sa première visite, sa grand-maman lui offre un cadeau.  Dans chaque histoire, Lazare utilise ce cadeau pour résoudre des situations problématiques et même comiques.  Avec une bonne volonté pour apprendre et une détermination ferme, Lazare devient un bon petit détective.

To Buy the Books

Most of my books are also available locally in Cape Breton for purchase at the following places:

Creignish: The Studio; Grand-Étang: LeMoyne Co-op; Chéticamp: Les Trois Pignons, Bureau d`Information and Cape Breton Highland National Park, Cheticamp Information Bureau; Pleasant Bay: The Cardinal Point Gift Shop; Dingwall: Arts North; Baddeck: Flying Kite Artisan Shop and The Gaelic College


All books are available on Amazon. Just click the "Buy Now" buttons above for your choices.

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