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Comments:  Laura's Story

After Laura's Story was published, I received many comments about the book. With their permission, I have copied and pasted a few of them on this page. Now and then, I still receive  positive reviews, which is very heartwarming.

“Very descriptive and captivating details leading from the familiar to the unexpected. Julie has succeeded in connecting fact to fiction. Very well narrated in a free-flowing style.  Bravo!"  ~ Nap. Chiasson, retired educator/administrator

“I feel as though I know Laura and her family.  I much appreciate the awareness the story shows of the social, economic and cultural changes of Cape Breton and part of mainland NS during Laura’s lifetime. Hurray!!  And thank you!!”  ~ James St. Clair, historian and author  (Dec. 12, 2014)

“Laura’s Story is the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary." ~Jenna Kalinsky, author, instructor and editor

"Allô, comment ça va?  Bien, je viens de finir Laura's Story hier soir après l'avoir commencé dimanche après-midi et je l'ai adoré.  C'est un livre qui touche.  Quelquefois je m'arrêtais quelques moments émerveillée par ton écriture.  C'est tout un accomplissement, Julie et ce un premier bouquin.  Il y a beaucoup d'intrigue qui a captivé mon attention.  Je te félicite de la couverture du livre à sa dernière page et j'ai aimé la douceur de la fin.  Bravo, bravo!" 

~Sylvia Boudreau : enseignante à la retraite  (le 4 janvier 2017)

"Your book, Julie, was “Acadian Magic”and you make us “Moineaux” proud. Congratulations! Warmest Regards"  ~Wayne & Antje

"Loved, loved, loved your book! I bought your book at the market in Cheticamp 2 Saturday's ago and when I started it...I couldn't put it down.  I laughed, I cried and mow I've passed it on my sister who is an avid reader. I was in Cape Breton to find my grandparent's house, which I did and to reconnect with my dad's roots.  Your book is pushing me on to come back to Cape Breton and finish what I time with my sister. Thank you for the experience."  ~Heather Fasulo   (August, 2016)

"Hello Julie:

I don't know if you remember me--My husband and I met you and your husband when we we touring the Cabot Trail back in July.  We met twice at the gift shops along the way. During our conversation I learned about your book and bought one in the parking lot. Well, finally after a very busy summer I had the opportunity to finally sit down and read it. What an enjoyable read!!! My mother left home at 12 years old to go into service and then left Cape Breton at 16 years to work in Halifax in 1938.  As your book conveys,  that with the little education they had back then--she had the strength and will to make a good life for herself and family. I never lived in Cape Breton--only heard the stories of growing up there. But, I know how Laura felt on her return, because during my visit I felt a connection to a place I had never been. Thanks for telling your story--as you said it was a tribute to your Grandmother. I know she would be proud.

Blessings,"  ~Lorraine Garneau   (Sept. 7, 2016)

"Thank you Julie for a wonderful novel, the story was engaging and kept me in suspense till the end. It felt like I was visiting a rural area in Nova Scotia for the first time, I felt I was right there. I was brought to tears several times because I could relate to Laura’s feelings so well described and written on such a deep level. It also confirmed in my mind that strangers sometimes become like family and family sometimes become like strangers. You incorporated many themes and sub-themes about difficult subject that everyone can relate to and your digging deep in the feelings of your characters was superb! Good job done!"  ~Liane Geoffrion

"I heard about Laura's Story from the lady who illustrated the cover image. I didn't want to wait for it to be delivered so I bought the Kindle version. I could not put it down. It was just a wonderful read. I recommend anyone from the east coast of Canada or anyone who ever visited or even heard of Cape Breton to buy the book."  ~Carmella Fogarty Murphy

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